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Messenger Analyser

Basic usage:

1. Visit this page
2. Request a download of your Facebook information. Make sure to select personalized copy instead of complete one, select only "Messages" and make sure the format is JSON (not HTML)
3. Wait until your download is ready
4. Only the last part of your copy is nessesary (if there are more), download it
5. If your file is bigger than 1GB, your browser may refuse to process it. In that case, use this script to shrink it
6. Go back to this page and upload your .zip file below (any informations you submit here are stored only on your computer, the script won't send any data about you to the server)
7. Click "OK"
8. Wait until the status says: "ready!"
9. Select threads of your interest or leave it as it is to display only top 20 of your threads (recomended)
10. Go to the "Messages count per week" tab

Graphs will be generated showing how many messages were send in each selected thread per week and in total.
Now you can move your cursor along the graph to show more info in the table below or just play with the site to discover more about your Facebook messaging! Have fun!

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